In the end I think it was not fair
To assign my internal world to you
Just because I did not know how to love my own sorrow, beauty, sensuality, pain, grace, fear, love
I hid from them all
I threw them on you, and blamed you for them, and envied you for them
I plead for them all back, to learn to be at peace with the wholeness that is within me
So that you can be at peace with the wholeness that is within you
We are strong enough for this,
We are big enough for this,
I am ready to own who I truly am,
and to see you for the first time as you truly are.


I am ready to let go, and have forgotten how
I am tired of holding a part of you and saying it is mine,
Clutching, grasping,
I give you permission to remove from me whatever needs to be removed
Add whatever Needs to be added
I will allow in whatever needs to come in,
And sit with it as a friend
Please allow me authenticity,
To Dance, Play and sing in the beauty of what you are
And not the story I have made for what I wanted YOu to be
I release myself to you