I will call out the following publicly and without explanation if I see it being applied to:

  1. Myself
  2. Any human I am responsible for thru law or agreement
  3. Any human who has given me consent to speak up for them
  4. Any human who does not have the voice to speak up for themselves, and is being abused

I will do this with as much love as I can, however I will be firm and direct and will not be open to or explanations.

A: Isomorphing unhealed trauma experiences onto humans who did not cause the issue, and are not acting in a way that justifies the mapping. Its mean and it hurts.

B: Programming Statements “You are ……. “. It takes away someones sovereignty and depth of experience.

C: Unsolicited negative opinions unless asked for them directly. Let us pay professionals for their experience and wisdom.

D: Uneven exchange of resources without being open to renegotiation. We owe you nothing.

E: Jealousy – feeling yucky about something good happening for someone else, that may come at a perceived loss to oneself. It hurts, and it happens to all of us.

F: Non consensual psychoanalysis. I personally pay PhD’s to verify my thought processes are in line with stability and reality.

G: Energetic attacks/hijacking – This is a feeling and it will be called out quick.

H: Words and energies that are conflicting. I will listen to gut, and stop communicating with words.

If you would like to be my ally, I ask that you help me live up to these, applied to myself as equal as to others. I ask if you agree with them, and see where I am shrinking from confrontation you call me out.

If you cannot hold up to these, I ask that you please observe from a distance as I grow in a direction that feels safe, fun and fulfilling for myself and those I love in my little corner of the sandbox 🙂