If you are a racist, you are wrong.

If you are homophobic, you are wrong.

If you are sexist you are wrong.

If your holy books preach hate, they are wrong.

If you take from our Mother Earth, without respect and gratitude, you are wrong.

If you abuse people, you are wrong.

If you molest people you are wrong.

If you believe hate speech is implied by “free” speech, you are wrong.

If you believe it is your right to possess weapons to use against others, you are wrong.

And more importantly, not of service to yourself, those you hurt, and humanity as a whole.

Sister Kali, enter our world, arms swinging madly with unrestrained rage. May your eyes see clearly the heart of all. Let your sickle and sword act swiftly on those who’s hearts have turned against their human family. Withhold not your scythe from any, and prune all our rotted parts. Let them decay, and with time transform into the compost on which we can build a better world.

So be it – 110233

On Belonging

This morning I saw a flock of birds (was unable to tell the type of bird, so the grouping syntax may be incorrect, but it was not a parliament or a murder, that I know!!) flying playfully thru the sky, as the sun was breaking thru the clouds. Moving as one unit, playing on the wind, dancing with the clouds.

And a single bird about three blue whales length to the inner upper left bottom underside. This bird was flying chaotically, back and forth, up and down with jerking motions, seemingly being tossed around by the wind.

The flock of birds swirled to the left, and upside down, and in the direction of the solo member. As they neared the solo bird, the flock went from flowing dance like movements, to jerky chaotic agitated movements, mimicking the solo bird as they braced for impact.

In a moment, the group merged with the singleton, shifting from north to south to up to down, towards me and away.

And then there was only the group, gracefully merging back into a playful glide on the winds, dancing in the sunlight, and singing to the stars, with the lone bird no longer lone, and no longer able to be differentiated from the whole.

And the whole no longer fractured, and able to dance unheard symphonies in the never ending sky.

I pray any bird lost from its group today, unable to find a direction or a wind stream that feels familiar, get surrounded by their group, and lovingly shown where they came from, belong, and are going, until they flow back together as one stream, to play with the clouds.

Be kind today, you are loved!