The Old God

And I knew it was the whole truth,

But could only admit it part way.

90% is the best I can own,

because 10% is promised in tithe

To The Old God.

It doesn’t play nice,

It plays in blood, bone and meat

And demands the complete sacrifice

Of the highest parts of me

It speaks:

“You will never get to the place you seek

because you must give to me first,

I am the one you owe

All your firstborn fruits.

Bow down, no lay, no sprawl on the filthy ground

And give me what I demand.

The part you owe me

Not much, but the best

And if you dare try to climb too high,

I will gut your children in front of you

I will shame you with 7 billion eyes,

And a multitude more voices

Until you are cowering in corner,

Covered in your own spit, and shit, and bile

With no one to turn to, and no direction to go.

I will make you know fear and pain,

Confusion so deep you will lose any sense of self

And wander lost through the earth.

And I will laugh, as you stumble

And eat your parts while you weep

And if you test me, like Babel,

I will destroy your walls,

And send you chaos, wars, and suffering

And you will beg to worship me again

For I own the best of you,

And so it is”

But today I see you,

I am terrified, but I see.

Claws dripping with thousands of years

Of our own blood and innards

And I will give you your tithe today,

But know that there will be a time

Where I will see that all the things you threaten

Are out of your grasp,

And we will meet and have to make

A New Agreement.

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